Plano West Volleyball Fundraiser

$5561 of $8000 goal – 79%
About this fundraiser

Plano West Volleyball family, friends, and fans – thank you so much for taking the time to view our fundraiser page. Your support will help us offer a higher quality experience for all our athletes. If you could please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, we would greatly appreciate it. Our young women have been working hard to properly represent this great school and town. Any support is greatly appreciated. Go Wolves!

Our goal for this fundraiser is $8,000

How are my donations used?

Donations will go towards the upgrading of equipment, travel cost, and uniforms. Donations are vital for the success of this program.

Donations are administered by the Booster Club and are tax deductible.

Why are donations necessary?

Donations will be used to cover the cost necessary to run a high school program. Donations will ensure that our athletes get the proper equipment to perform.

How much have other schools raised?

Many of the teams in our area have had great success with this type of fundraiser. Schools have received dozens of $100 donations and several donations of $500, $1,000, or more!

Hebron $23,836  /  60+ donations of $100 or more / 2 $1000 or more
McKinney North $17,648  /  50+ donations of $100 or more / 4 $500 or more
Marcus $17,365  /  60+ donations of $100 or more / 3 $500 or more
Plano Senior $14,265  /  50+ donations of $100 or more
Richardson $13,520  /  30+ donations of $100 or more
Southlake Carroll $12,620  /  40+ donations of $100 or more /  $500 / $1000
Mesquite $11,392  /  30+ donations of $100 or more
Lewisville $7,808

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